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  1. Introducing New Buddy Walk® / Down Syndrome Awareness Nail Wraps!

    NDSS is excited to offer these exclusive Buddy Walk® Jamberry Nails wraps.

  2. Down Syndrome Awareness Items by Vineyard Vines

    Vineyard Vines has created three different Down Syndrome Awareness items in various colors, benefiting the National Down Syndrome Society.

  3. Buddy Walk® Coffee

    Buddy Walk®  CoffeeThe National Down Syndrome Society is pleased to partner with Furnace Hills Coffee to bring you our line of Buddy Walk® coffee.

  4. Down Syndrome Awareness Straws

    Down Syndrome Awareness StrawsNational Buddy Walk® Partner Aardvark Straws has created Down syndrome awareness straws as part of their "Straws For A Cause" Line.

  5. NDSS Tribute Cards

    NDSS Tribute CardsCommemorate special events, honor community members, and share your thoughts and wishes with NDSS Tribute Cards.

  6. PinMart

    PinMartPinMart offers a wide variety of jewelry, accessories, fundraiser items, and gifts made specifically for Down Syndrome Awareness.

  7. Okobos Buddy Walk® Footwear

    Okobos Buddy Walk® FootwearFootwear with a purpose

  8. eTrak

    eTrakKeep your loved ones safe by constantly monitoring their location.

  9. The Music Initiative

    The Music InitiativeUsing music as therapy for everyone in your household!

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