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My Workplace
My Workplace

Hi. My name is Becky Ichniowski. I am 32 years old. I have Down syndrome. I work at Heritage Manor nursing home in Normal, IL. I have worked 14 years in the laundry room. My job is drying, washing and folding linens. I like everybody I work with. I have learned to be kind and honest and a team player while working at Heritage Manor. I work on some Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30 and Monday through Friday from 7 to 2:30. I got my 10 year award at Heritage Manor. I have been there a long time. I felt happy and proud when I got my award. My boss is Kim G. and I like her so much. She works so well and she is good to me all the time. I will plan to work at Heritage Manor until I retire.

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Andrea Hibbs, United States, LA
5/19/2013 2:47:26 PM
Inspiring and dedicated!

Kelli Appel, United States, IL
12/4/2011 4:24:19 PM
You are really loyal to your job, Becky! They are lucky to have such a great employee.

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