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Friends This section of My Great Story highlights stories about friendship.
Precious Memories
Alicia & Dewey Harter, Greensburg, PA

A Letter to a Friend
Bonnie Grace Tillman, Rome, GA

Kinsley My Miracle
Kelly Jay, Pittsburgh, PA

My Friend, My Hero
Katie Boyd-Dias , North Caldwell , NJ

Tim Mora, Santa Cruz, CA

Caitlin Summers, Jonesboro, AR

BUDS Cooking Class Raises Money for Red Cross
Toni Slowinski, Cherry Hill, NJ

The Closest Family I Know
Tori Noyes, New York, NY

I'm a Better Person Because I Met You
Blaine Derr, Knoxville , TN

Love: I Just Do
Lindy Slater, Prescott Valley, AZ

Hold My Hand and Make me Stay
Nita Bllacaku, Pristina, Kosovo

Still Best Friends
Taylor Crittenden, Mayfield, KY

Santa Runs in the Family
Brian Ray, Ashburn, VA

The Sweetest Smile
Ke Ellis, Desoto, TX

My Brother and Buddy for Life
Zach Vaiana, Austin, TX

An Angel Who Helps!
Kenna Gavin, Crescent City, CA

Kat Ferreira, Turlock, CA

A Wonderful Friend
Tony Piontek, New Iberia, LA

I Know How to Pick a Friend
Lori Barfield, Rome, GA

A Clown's Stolen Heart
Paul and Paula Brosnan, Fort Smith, AR

Bake a Difference
Kristie Richardson, Tacoma, WA

This Is My Sister
Frank G. Caruso, Oregon, WI

Meet My Friend Katie
Gail Doyle, Warwick, RI

Family and Friends
Jordan Nickrent, Bloomington, IL

Anya Solis
Patty Olloqui, Miami, FL

My Best Friend
Marissa Erickson, Alameda, CA

Lilly's Love
Lilly Miller, Columbus, GA

The Tie That Binds
Cheryl Etter, Boca Raton, FL

Logan's Blog
Katie Hudson, Towson, MD

My Friend Logan
Kristin Wyne, Canton, CT

My Friends
Kirsten Boswell, Normal, IL

I call him 'Pastor'
Sandra Fischer, St. Helena, SC

Nora and Jeri
Mark Schwartz, San Diego, CA

My Life
Sophie Young, Sunshine Coast, AUS

Nikki Blue Eyes
Alli Outwater, Wall, NJ

My Athletes
Suzanne Marin, Lewisville, NC

Anchoring My Heart
Paige Wagner, Garden City, NY

My Friend Grant
Elizabeth Mavis, Seward, NE

Matt Burke, Sandwich, MA

Rylee Barnes, Gainesville, GA

Table for Ten Dinner Party
Mary Erickson, Alameda, CA

Inclusion Works When it's Done Right!
Cheryl Caira, Framingham, MA

My Best Friends
Louis Sciuto, North Andover, MA

My Best Friend
Taylor Crittenden, Mayfield, KY

Hussain's Greatest Aspiration: To Live
Matt Willingham, Midlothian, TX

Deon 'The Miracle' Child
Adrian Greaves, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Kim Steuber, Midlothian, VA

Promise I Made to a Friend
Belinda Hogan, Middletown, OH

Strength through Faith
Sean O'Connor, Granger, IN

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